LD is an online scoring system developed for Danish Gliding Union (Dansk SVæveflyver Union РDSVU). It provides storing, processing, and scoring of flight logs uploaded by glider pilots in Denmark. The system allows glider pilots to upload their flight tracks and compare their performance to performance of other glider pilots for the same day and same year, and also compare club performances.

Implementation of the LD project required handling of Global Navigational Satellite System (GNSS) data in different coordinate systems, rigorous mathematical formulations for accurate detection of start and finish events, point calculations and handling numerous specific cases to ensure fair scoring. A number of innovative details, like visualization of penalty sectors, have also been implemented to improve user experience.

The system has been implemented on cloud with secure storage of all system data and periodic back-ups to ensure fast recovery and high availability.

LD was developed at extreme speed during only three months to meet a sharp deadline at the 2020 season start. After careful work planning, the core functionality was developed during the first month, and already then it was made available to users together with efficient feedback system. During the second month the system was adjusted according to valuable user feedbacks, and the functionality was completed. The third month was used to deploy the system, configure backup, and fix the last issues reported by the users. Fully operational LD was finally delivered in due time.

LD is available at https://ld.dsvu.dk